Some liberals in the United States think that the right to free speech means that they have the right to protest anything and everything. That can include, according to recent news, protesting how someone uses their own personal property.

Bob Benner is a subsistence farmer who lives in East Setauket, New York. He purchased his 15 acre farm back in 1977 and has since learned to live off the land with his family.

Part of living off the land for the Benners has been raising animals for meat and then slaughtering the animals on their own farm.

Unfortunately for some liberals, that doesn't jive with how they choose to look at the Benner's farm.

The farm, for many local families and youth groups, has become a tourist attraction where visitors come to hand feed the animals, pick strawberries, and host birthday parties. Part of the problem with treating a real farm as a tourist attraction, however, is that parents and children become attached to the farm animals. And then they start to ask for the impossible.

Part of that impossibility has to do with a 2-year-old cow that the Benners started raising for food. The other moving part is a woman named Kimberly Sherriton.

Sherriton visited the Benners farm as part of a birthday party celebration and saw the young cow and fell in love with it. When she realized that the Benners were planning on killing the cow for its meat, she decided to stage a protest.

"He doesn't need this cow to survive and feed his family. He puts a sob story on there. Please, tell him to go to Whole Foods and go get some anti-biotic free beef there," Sherriton told reporters.

Well, that's fine for all of the liberals out there to say. However, Benner bought the cow to eat. It's his cow, and he can do with it what he wants.

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