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Although progressives and race hustlers like to believe that “skin pigmentation” rather then performance should always decide the outcome, in truth it’s the “bottom line” at the ticket booth that decides the outcome.

In short it’s those paying fans that come to the stadiums, that will decide the faith of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and not the color of his skin.

And although Colin appears to have made the 53-man final cut, he can still be cut during the season.
Obviously his performance off the field hasn’t helped, which of course means he had better pick up his lackluster performance on the field, which judging by his past few seasons as quarterback, needs lots of work.

However that didn’t stop Kaepernick supporters on social media from playing the race card as to why the controversial quarterback was not named the starter.

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And perhaps that just might be the reason why Kaepernick began the sitting down deal in the first place, and using it as a ploy to distract from his lackluster performance on the field.

Ironically Kaepernick is actually living the “American Dream” born into chaos, from a racially mixed couple. and abandoned as a child, only to be raised by a white family to become a multimillion dollar celebrity quarterback.

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