Recently, political groups have gotten involved in a new facet of showing their influence and flexing their muscles--renaming things. What started with President Obama in Alaska when he renamed Mt. McKinley to Denali is now becoming outrageous as a liberal group is calling for Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. to be renamed.

The group making the petition, CREDO Action, claims that it wants to return the name of the airport to George Washington and remove Reagan's name from the airport.

But CREDO Action is doing more than just attempting to rename the airport. They're also targeting Speaker of the House John Boehner as fodder for their petition and pushing back against his vocal claims that President Obama has better things to do than to rename historic, American landmarks.

Claiming that Boehner needs to be consistent when it comes to renaming American landmarks, the group is seeking 75,000 signatures on their petition in hopes that it will reach a critical mass and somehow prompt change. After the weekend the number of signatures passed 60,000.

Boehner is being targeted, in part, because he was part of the group that pushed for the name of the airport to be changed in 1998. But unlike Mt. McKinley--or should we say Denali--National Airport serves as a distinct mark of national pride and significance.

Reagan was a great statesman and he did more for the United States' international image than many presidents before and after him. It's right that an airport in our capitol should be named after someone like him.

As far as the group trying to push the petition through, it's clear that their focus is lashing out at John Boehner for criticizing Obama. Even most Democrats would argue that Reagan was a great president and having his name affixed to a national building does nothing but good for the United States. It's time for progressive liberals to stop chomping at the bit to destroy every reference to people or things that they disagree with.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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