Honoring the fallen blue, the members of law enforcement killed in the line of duty, is insensitive, it “unapologetically spits” on #blacklivesmatter, is dehumanizing to black people, and whatever other inflammatory insult the racist left can come up with.

When the Staten Island Yankees hosted the Blue Lives Matter event to pay respect to murdered NYPD officer, Wenjian Liu, killed as pay back for the Ferguson, Missouri shooting death of thug Michael Brown, they were assaulted in the media with insults such as those stated above, by racist morons nationwide.

The Yankees’ affair was a benefit event to assist the families, the wives and children, of those police officers who have been killed in the line of duty. Unlike the Black Lives Matter movement that does absolutely nothing charitable towards their supposed “victims’” families, other than perpetuate the violent thug-run setting of neighborhood existence that brought about the killing of the criminal in the first place.

The rational among us are being forced to contend with a mob-mentality that is pro-lawless, pro-misguided revenge, and pro-violence. It is a time when a group of idiots who violently rail against racism, actually promote it. It is a time when respect for and support of law enforcement, and appreciation for the men and women who put their lives on the line, day-in and day-out, to keep our neighborhoods safe from pieces of garbage like Michael Brown, is somehow seen as blatant murderous racism. We are living in a time whereby we are being nudged toward partaking in anarchy, either as a promoter or defender against it.

This attacking of organizational efforts such as the Yankees’ Blue Lives Matter event, and heralding of the violence promoted by the Black Lives Matter movement is absolutely revolting. It is moronically racist at its core, as it excuses and promotes violence against our law enforcement, simply based on the pigmentation of one’s skin. The Black Lives Matter movement should be systematically socially hunned. Perhaps with no media attention they will go away and crawl back under their rocks.

Thank you Yankees for your leadership in this regard, and for your compassion for the families of fallen police officers. Thank you law enforcement for working hard to keep us all safe.

h/t YahooSports

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