We've heard many threats and promises from celebrities saying that they will be leaving the country now that Trump has won the presidency. However, it would appear that this idiotic notion has spread to the rest of the liberal lemmings and the most extreme seem to have made a push to try to get into Canada following Trumps triumphant victory.

Louder with Crowder reports that the Canadian webpage for 'Citizenship and Immigration Canada' has crashed immediately following Trump's election into the White House due to the sheer volume of visitors contemplating the move to the great white north.

It would appear that these whining liberals would rather live in a socialist haven then have one of the strongest and most direct presidents that our country may have ever had.

Now it can very easily be argued that the worst thing about this entire incident is that the site itself crashed. This country could probably do without a few thousand loudmouthed whining liberals forcing their opinions down everyone's throats without listening to a word anyone else says to them.

It is at least admirable that these people actually took the first steps, or at least thought about them, which is more than we can say about most of the major celebrities that have been blabbering about this threat for the entire election cycle.

For Canada's own sake they may want to take a page out of Trump's playbook and build their own wall, but we really hope they don't. These whining liberals are free to leave, and if they hate Trump's America so much there are tons of other countries they are welcome to go to.

It is interesting that almost every liberal seems to hate America more than anything and yet none of them want to leave its borders. This may be the beginning of a very good thing for America if they're not too chicken to follow through with it completely.

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Source: Louder with Crowder


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