Obviously any rational and reasoned adult, who isn’t politically motivated, believes that a photo welfare ID card would no doubt cut down on fraud and abuse. However asking lawmakers to pass a bill simply on the merits of that bill without being motivated by politics, is like asking law makers to simply be forthright and accountable for their actions.

And although the shocking details over a state audit in Harrisburg, PA, finds major fraud and abuse of its welfare system, be assured that the politics of it, will rear it’s ugly head somewhere.

The recent audit has uncovered that almost $700,000 in benefits through the systems ACCESS benefit card was paid out to 2,324 dead people within a 12-month period.

This revelation once again has Rep. Frank Burns calling for photo IDs to be placed on the cards, among other welfare reforms.

Burns has been calling for welfare reform for years, and sponsored a bill that would require welfare recipients to be tested for drugs in order to be eligible for public assistance and enhanced income eligibility.

However like almost all common sense solutions politics always governs the outcome of any policy, so don’t be surprised if some progressive lawmaker begins using the race card as a wedge issue in defeating Burn’s proposal…it’s been working for years on the national level when it comes to voter ID cards, regardless of the fraud and abuse taking place at the voting booth.

Do you think every state should have photo ID's on welfare cards to reduce welfare fraud?

Is this a no brainer? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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