Florida Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson could be excused if he feels a certain kinship with 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney and other Republicans after coming under fire from his party’s establishment and even from its cable propaganda machine, MSNBC.

Grayson, who has said, “Let’s face it, I’m not the establishment candidate. As far as I can tell, the only criteria that the Democratic establishment has among Senate candidates this year is obedience,” is clearly not one of the easily-controlled members preferred by powerful Democrat leaders like Vice-President Joe Biden and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV).

The New York Times calls Grayson “a wing nut,” and last week, MSNBC host Joy Reid launched into an eight-minute screed that played more like a summation for a jury than an interview, reading from a complaint filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics by a supporter of Grayson’s opponent, Harry Reid-backed Congressman Patrick Murphy.

The MSNBC host gave a 2-minute monologue even before introducing Grayson, refusing to allow him to rebut the accusations she presented as fact, repeatedly interrupting him as the Congressman grew increasingly frustrated.

Finally, Grayson pleaded, “Could you at least try to get your facts straight before you slime me on national television?”

Reid cut off the interview.

When Grayson confronted Harry Reid at a Congressional Progressive Caucus meeting and asked why the Senate Minority Leader had demanded that he withdraw from the race, his party leader coolly responded, “I want you to lose.”

Harry Reid’s used his trademark smear technique against Romney when he accused the GOP candidate of failing to pay income taxes for ten years.

When pressed for a source for the spurious claim, Reid said only “a friend” and later, the most powerful Democrat in Congress expressed no regret, when he told CNN, “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Grayson, an up-and-coming Democrat is finding out how it feels to be on the wrong side of the old power brokers in his own party.

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