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This recent petition that was passed around at an unnamed college campus shows how quickly these college kids are up for censorship in the name of racism.

The absurdity of banning the song 'White Christmas' illustrates that all you have to do is throw out the racism charge and the sheep blindly follow suit. These PC students are the future of our country. A scary thought.

From infowars:

American college students have signed a petition to ban the racist song “White Christmas” from playing on radio stations, calling the song an offense to all colored people in its insistence on “white” being associated with the good and the beautiful. Thankfully, the petition was a complete farce by MRCTV reporter Dan Joseph.

In a video posted Monday, Dan Joseph is shown pitching several college students a petition to effectively ban Bing Crosby’s classic song “White Christmas” from playing on the radio.

Joseph ruses the unsuspecting students with various politically correct tropes like “‘White Christmas’ perpetuates the idea that white is naturally good” while shouting catch-phrases like “white supremacy is everywhere, even in your holiday songs.”

“Micro-aggressions” and the need for a “safe space” away from the horribly offensive song were also pronounced several times by Dan Joseph.

Some students didn’t take bait, laughing off the petition as ridiculous. Others, such as one black girl, jumped at the first utterance of the phrase “white supremacy in the holiday season.”

The buzz words and catch-phrases worked, because Joseph managed to get a total 18 signatures in just one hour, with students of all races lining up to stick it to the white man.

The song is not a reference to a "Caucasian" Christmas but a snowy one you liberal morons. Stay in school kids. You've got a lot to learn.


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