Given that we live in the age of stupid, it stands to reason that some liberal nutjob would get bent out of shape over what they perceive to be racist.

The fact that the circus involves a Kentucky gun-range, the Council on American Islamic relations (CAIR), and the Huffington Post and you have the makings of a three-ring event.

The Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky, offers and array of range targets for their patrons. They “probably” have an Islamic terrorist for you to practice on. In fact, the range themselves says the “probably” do.

Judge for yourself. Offended Muslim, Sabree Atat Yousef seems to think so. After being told by a buddy that the gun range features a Muslim woman in a hijab, Yousef went to see for himself. Surprisingly, he did not take a few shots at the hijab wearing female himself. After all we are talking about a culture who thinks women are good for two things, breedings and beatings, so why he did not pop off a few rounds is somewhat shocking.

Instead, this 14-month immigrant from the fake state of Palestine, opted to take his case to social media decrying the “disgusting” display. “Is this what America has come to?” he asked. “The racism needs to stop.”

First off, Mr. Yousef, MUSLIM CULTURE is NOT A RACE.  Second, yes this is what American has come to, courtesy of your culture raping kids, dismembering them, feeding them back to their parents, crucifying people, not to mention beheading them, crushing, burning, and as of late dipping them in vats of nitric acid, killing gays, and sex slave trading women.


Let’s not forget Palestinians’ ceaseless attacks on Israel. So, yes, this is what America has come to. Terrorism comes in many forms, including a woman wearing a hijab. Or worse yet, the entire physique shielding non-profile-able burqua.

For their part, HuffPo took his case to the source and asked the gun range if they had such a target, to which they were told “probably.” CAIR is involved as well, because their butts aren’t being kissed by Kentuckians.

They think the 1st and 2nd Amendment are exclusive to them. You know, tyrannical Sharia Law and slaughtering innocents. Too bad for them that is not how Americans play ball.

Good for Knob Creek!

Time to go spend a day at the range.

Source: Mad World News

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