During the presidential inauguration there was a great deal of controversy surrounding who would and wouldn't play at the inauguration ceremony. Liberal musicians made a big fuss about not playing and felt insulted that they would even be asked to perform at the presidential inauguration.

While many other performers were both applauded by the right for performing for Trump and the rest of America. The left naturally had a very different reaction to the musicians that did in fact perform, and instead of just getting over it, liberals are holding another one of their leftist grudges against one performer in particular.

Liberals are coming after country singer Toby Keith, trying to get him taken out of the lineup of a music festival because he performed at Donald Trump's inauguration.

A music festival in Naperville, Illinois is receiving a lot of heat from the left to not let Toby Keith play at the festival this summer. They are citing Toby's inauguration performance as the reason that he shouldn't be allowed to perform at the festival.

The Chicago Tribune reported recently that the Naperville Exchange Club announced that Toby Keith would be performing at the annual Ribfest festival, local residents push back hard saying that Keith is too "political" to play.

"In the current political climate, it seemed overtly polarizing and political," Amy Kakkuri, a Naperville resident told the Chicago Tribune. "It would have been short-sighted for them to not expect this reaction."

Many liberals took to social media and posted on Twitter expressing their outrage with Toby Keith:

Despite the liberal pushback, the event organizers decided to publicly defend the decision to include Toby Keith in the lineup in a Facebook post.

"Ribfest talent is negotiated and selected months in advance of the event," the post read. "At no time does the Exchange Club of Naperville make any political statement or endorsement. At no time are artists booked based on their political beliefs or actions."

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer even commented on the debate.

Keith has openly said that his performance are not a political statement and has even said that he is neither Democrat nor Republican. Of course the left just wants to make a scene and try to make something out of nothing to make their leftist opinions heard.

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Source: The Blaze


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