The senseless tragedy in Charleston has once again brought out the political pimps and race baiters, this time with countless tweets from the progressive left, who are claiming that the Charleston shooter Dylan Roof was not shot down by police because of “white privilege”.

One leftist on Twitter commented;   “Oy vey! (I’m not Jewish, but that fits perfectly)”. Perhaps using a Jewish slang when not Jewish might also be classified as some sort of progressive entitlement, or “white privilege” or  perhaps a crude attempt to be witty, or more likely just another thoughtless comment, if anything the countless tweets are entertaining to read, however shows a lack of critical thinking.

In that facts to progressive seldom enter into consideration when making ridicules comments on-line, the shooter was captured alive because he didn’t resist arrest, which should have been obvious from the get go, however like those gun control advocates who apparently have a hard time distinguishing between a gun, which is an inanimate object and some raciest bigoted nut who purposely pulls the trigger.

However there’s another issue here at play in that the term “white privilege” thrown around by “self-loathing white liberals”, is simply reverse discrimination, and a negative force that divides people and no different than those who used racist terms in the describing African-Americans in the 60’s.



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