In communities across the United States, school district boards have begun to adopt LGBTQ policies, often without public input or concern for the moral sensibilities of conservative students.

They say it's all about "inclusiveness" and protecting LGBTQ students from harassment, bullying, and rejection by their straight counterparts. Those who object to LGBTQ insanity are subject to the punitive measures contained within these agenda-driven policies.

But it's not just the public education system that has betrayed traditional gender roles, traditional values and biological gender assignment and hopped on the LGBTQ bandwagon.

Jack Turban, a research fellow at the Yale School of Medicine, thinks doctors should begin handing out puberty blockers to children who identity as transgender -- the sooner, the better.

"It has become clear that if we support these children in their transgender identities instead of trying to change them, they thrive instead of struggling with anxiety and depression," Turban wrote in The New YorK Times on Sunday.

Turban's article followed the medically induced physical transition of 14-year-old Hannah (born Jonah) with the help of puberty blockers.

"Ten years ago most doctors would have called this malpractice," Turban wrote.

That's because it would have been malpractice. So what has happened in the interim?

Liberalism and its more insidious and destructive variant, cultural marxism, that's what happened.

Ten years ago, transgenderism was recognized for what it is -- a gender identity disorder, something to be addressed with counseling or therapy, and not something we should embrace on a social and cultural level.

Promoters of transgenderism like Turban believe the cure for early childhood gender confusion is transgenderism. Otherwise, gender-challenged youths are at greater risk of self-harm and suicide.

Research doesn't necessarily support this hypothesis, however.

According to a study by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, 46 percent of transgender men and 42 percent of transgender women in the study had attempted suicide.

The anti-natural transgender agenda assumes a person's gender is not biologically determined. As a mental construct, gender can be redefined as anything a person wants it to be -- male, female, binary, trinary -- whatever.

"Nobody's ever born a transgender," noted former transgender female Walt Heyer in the Daily Mail. "They're manufactured as a result of something, a developmental childhood issue that has yet to be determined for many people. In retrospect, I can see that changing genders, quite frankly, is just pure foolishness."

Heyer said the regret can be so severe that post-operative transgender patients end up harming themselves or committing suicide.

In June 2015, Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, told CNSNews that sex change is "biologically impossible," that transgenderism is a "mental disorder," and that people who promote sexual reassignment are complicit in the perpetuation of a mental illness.

The liberal LGBTQ agenda, driven by an unspoken hatred of all traditional norms, values, and institutions, is convinced it has the godlike power to recreate humanity in its own image, warping everything it touches in the process.

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Source: Daily Wire

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