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In a lengthy discussion on what he calls "owning up to and acknowledging the inherited benefits of whiteness," blogger Jesse Benn, who is white, puts forward a radically liberal idea that white people must undergo a "wounding" process to solve racial inequality.

Benn's blog post for the Huffington Post is remarkably lengthy for its simple premise: white people need to better understand the painful results of being white that are inflicted on people of other races because they are not white.

His call to action is a call to have people of white or Caucasian descent "share in the hurt" and "sit with the reality of what's been done in our name and to our benefit."

To do this, Benn suggests that white people need to be "wounded," or to feel the pain that their inherent advantages and prejudices around the world have inflicted on people who aren't white.

How is this not racism?

However, before analyzing the ridiculous racism that Benn and other liberals espouse in articles such as this, let's first understand that white people have caused grievances, injury, and absolute injustice to other races. It's happened in America, Africa, Europe, Australia, and around the world.

On the other side of that debate, non-white races have done the exact same things to other minority groups. Just look at ISIS and their persecution of a minority group the Yazidis in the Middle East.

Yet at a deeper level, Benn and other "media critics" and pundits want white people to deny the facts of their existence and apologize for things that happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago. How will this overcome racism?

Is racism inherent in the color of one's skin, or in the actions that one takes? If skin color determines racism any progress towards racial equity and justice is doomed to fail.

But if racism is actually a point of view about the world, something that can be changed by society, parental upbringing, and a sense of empathy for others, perhaps it can be cured. Heaven help the liberals who don't believe in the power of people's views to change.

h/t: Huffington Post

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