For an enterprising person looking to go into business, a good bet would be to relocate in a “blue” state – found on either coast, open a gun shop and hope Democrat politicians keep talking about enacting more restrictive gun control laws and regulations.

That’s been a formula for the longtime success of William “Bill” Blamberg who took over his father’s sporting goods store in the very blue Maryland in the 1980s.

One of Blamberg’s employees, Rich Bohle, notes the irony.

“Selling in a blue state, Bohle said, “helps.”

“Every time somebody from that party opens their mouth,” Bohle said,“ we sell hundreds of guns.”

“That party” is the Democrats, which outnumber Republicans by a 2-to-1 margin in Maryland.

The state’s latest attempt at gun control was a law requiring a license to buy a handgun, restricted magazine capacity to ten rounds, and banned a list of firearms the legislature categorized as “assault weapons.”

The law, which was enacted after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, was challenged in court, but the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case on appeal, leaving the restrictions in effect.

The statute did not apply to the purchase of rifles and shotguns.

Blamberg, who has been in business more than 30 years, said 2013 was a “banner year” for gun sales at his shop.

That would be the year after President Obama’s reelection gave him more freedom to enact the Democrats’ pro-gun control agenda just as the nation was dealing with Sandy Hook shootings.

FBI statistics support Blamberg’s claim and show a national rise in business, as well, with gun sales doubling from 2012 to 2013, as potential buyers were motivated to make purchases before strict new laws made it more difficult, if not impossible.

In Maryland, for instance, the new licensing law was scheduled to go into effect in 2013, so Blamberg said, “they came at all at once to buy guns before it did.”

It is a frustrating situation for those supporting gun control measures, as their moves serve only to promote increased volume of sales based on the credible fear that Democrats’ real agenda is to confiscate firearms altogether.

And while that may, in fact, be the end game at play, gun shops like Blamberg’s display posters of the Second Amendment prominently to remind buyers of what’s at stake.

Do you think Democrats hope to enact laws that regulate the purchase of firearms to the extent that it is virtually impossible to buy guns?

Source: Baltimore Sun

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