What seems assured is that the gap between the progressive elite and informed Americans has widened dramatically, and although patriots like Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are being attacked for expressing their opinions, they’re pushing back hard, and taking a page out of movie legend Clint Eastwood’s playbook and refusing to apologize for creating a factual depiction of Islam, in his immensely successful and controversial movie “American Sniper.”

The iconic actor turned movie director is no stranger to controversy, and so when The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee sent a letter demanding that he and actor Bradley Cooper condemn the film for “inflaming anti-Arab feelings in America.”

Eastwood simply ignored them and has not replied to the letter, however has made it abundantly clear he has no intention of apologizing for what is a factual depiction based on the memoirs by the late Navy SEAL sharpshooter Chris Kyle.

What seems apparent is the concerted effort by the progressive establishment to rewrite history and attempt to whitewash what is apparent, in that a sizable strain of Islam is violent, and that’s an historical fact, that can’t be glossed over.

And so when President Samer Khalaf of ADC, suggests that he has tracked “hundreds” of threats on Twitter and via e-mail that specifically mention the movie, as fostering anti-Arab and anti-Muslim threats, what is he suggesting, that the countless videos and news articles of be-headings, rape, murder, and threats are somehow not a factor?

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Source: American News

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