A liberal writer has made a pretty bold claim about a modern holiday favorite and she recently took to twitter to let everyone know how wrong they were this Christmas. Oh boy, here we go...

A Christmas Story... a movie that is a classic for all Americans, a movie that is enjoyed every holiday season, a movie that is fun and innocent. Or... is it? It seems that some don't think this movie is so innocent, after all. Some don't think that watching this movie is just a fun and innocent chance to relax with your family on Christmas day, they think that it is a racist display of white supremacy. They think that this movie celebrates the fact that white Americans are held above black Americans. Say what? Couldn't this movie just be enjoyed by all? Couldn't the movie just be celebrated as something that points to simpler days?

Yes, the little boy on A Christmas Story does receive a toy gun. Yes, he is allowed to play with that gun without the fear of getting shot by a police officer. No, though, this is not because he is white. This is just a simple and happy movie, a fun movie. This movie was made when times were simpler and there was not the same fear of guns that now exists. The little boy in the movie could have been black and the story still would have been the same. A Christmas Story isn't about race at all, rather it is about a little boy and the exciting gift that he receives on Christmas. It is about the warnings that the boy receives as the adults in his life realize that he could hurt himself with that toy gun. This movie is a humorous show, a Christmas classic, and it is not about race at all. It is time to stop in the labeling of innocent, fun entertainment. It is time for everyone to realize that there were simpler times before all of the recent racial news that has come about, and that the fact that the little boy on a modern classic is white instead of black came about simply because of the actor who was available for the job. A Christmas Story is not a racist movie, and watching it does not turn anyone into a racist.


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