Most thinking Americans are we’re well aware of the mainstream’s bias towards traditional values, however when it comes to relationships between the races, something extremely bizarre seems to be taking place, in that “racism” is only “newsworthy” when it fits nicely into the mainstream’s narrative and otherwise ignored, or amazingly termed “unconscious racism” whatever the hell that means, however when African American’s yell “we’re gonna kill all white people, babies included”!  That’s simply ignored.

This obvious growing discrimination towards white America, seems to be happening with more and more frequency since the recent riots in both Ferguson and in Baltimore, and a growing issue since President Obama became the nation’s first African-American president, and cherry picking which incidents he and his former Attorney General Eric Holder could exploit for their own political agenda.

In doing so has willfully divided the nation along racial lines, in that in almost every incident that involves even a hint  of race, that’s the time to  use and abuse, both white and black America.

A white officer fighting for his life and in self-defense kills a crazed black hulking thug, is immediately vilified, and is accused of being both a murder and a racist. In so doing a false and self-serving narrative is created and shouts of “hands up don’t shoot” becomes the rallying cry of both the mainstream media, and political race hustlers, who earn their living promoting discord and fear.

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