Of all the tired arguments we've heard from the left, the one about "right-wing gun nuts" can't hold a loaded pistol next to the proven reality of left-wing gun nuts who are trying to start a civil war in America.

On Tuesday, a Chevy Malibu driving along I-465 in Indianapolis sidled up next to a pickup truck flying a MAGA flag and an American flag. The driver of the Malibu then pointed a handgun out the window and fired several shots, according to Fox 59.

The truck was hit at least once, and it looks as though the driver of the Malibu with Louisiana plates wasn't aiming for the driver of the 2001 Dodge pickup. Rather he was making a point -- hate Trump, hate conservatives, hate America.

The left has made it clear both in word and in deed that it's open season on Congressional Republicans at baseball practice and patriots in pickup trucks, and it's only going to escalate from this point going forward.

After eight years of Barack Obama and of so-called "progress," leftists aren't about to let Donald Trump change direction for America or turn back the clock. They are truly a lost tribe of malcontents, believing in an America that can exist without nationalism and without borders and that without capitalism, socialist paradise is just beyond the horizon.

What a sorry sack of misguided losers who deserve a fate similar to Venezuela and Cambodia. We would love to be able to say to the world "forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Unfortunately, they know exactly what they do.

We would love to hear your thoughts about the latest incident of gun violence targeting a man in a pickup truck carrying a MAGA flag and an American flag.

Source:Fox News

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