If there’s one thing this election cycle has demonstrated to average “apolitical” voters is just how unhinged progressive orthodoxy truly is, in that most who subscribe to the principles of conservatism seldom go to the extreme measures of committed liberals in creating continued mayhem, well after the election cycle is over.

Few would go to the lengths of dragging out their disappointment, and continue the debate long after the political dust has settled. Simply chronicle the loony left’s attempt to “delegitimize” the historic Trump/Pence victory.

It began long before Trump’s near landslide victory, with both political pundits and the Hollywood celebrities mocking, ridiculing and then threatening to leave America, then to their stunned realization in the wee hours of November 9th, that indeed the “impossible” had in fact happened, therefore it must have been a fluke!

It had to be the fault of “WikiLeak’s, FBI Director James Comey, the Russians, the popular vote.” Moreover those talking heads manly within the mainstream media simply couldn’t believe that “The Donald” had out maneuvered them all and was now the 45th President of the United States, which of course sparked nationwide demonstrations and near riots, with some clueless celebrity types questioning the election process, created by our Founders.

Moreover almost 2-months after President-elect Trump’s victory, the loony left still can’t quite wrap their progressive heads around the fact that America will be a far different place then the previous 8-years, thus the demonstrations continue, this time in Chicago land, the “murder capital” of America, with yet another mindless angry mob, protesting.

This incident took place on Friday as Vice President Mike Pence was in the “Windy City” in support of a fundraising event hosted by the Illinois Republican Party, attempting to raise funds for the Republican National Committee.

Chairman Tim Schneider said there was much support for the Trump/Pence team in the Chicago-area, stating; ‘Chicago is the hub of the Midwest and it’s also very close to his roots in Indiana, so he can draw from those folks who are supporters from Indiana. I think we have a great number of supporters here in Chicago who believe in this new Trump-Pence administration, and that’s why they’re here.”

However there were about 150-protesters apparently still attempting to create mayhem, perhaps when President-elect Trump is sworn in on January 20th he’ll find jobs for these fools.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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