Over the 8 years of having Obama as president, what used to be somewhat civilized peaceful protests and support groups have devolved into chaotic street riots and militant hate groups.

Obama and other social justice warriors and race baiters like Al Sharpton and Nancy Pelosi have empowered this type of anarchist violent behavior and have put so many American lives at risk.

Obama's constant pampering and enabling of the racist hate group Black Lives Matter has led to increasingly violent displays of aggression and even assassinations on a country-wide scale of our nation's police officers.

Of course, when things like that are almost commonplace and even endorsed by public figures and leaders in this country, it's no surprise that people constantly deal with angry protesters flooding our streets and blocking traffic.

Most of us have had to deal with this obnoxious phenomenon, more so in these last few years than ever.

It's dangerous, it's obnoxious, and it's downright absurd. Well, finally, some of our government leaders agree and are making laws that will stop these street protesters in their tracks.

Tennessee lawmakers have just made it legal for drivers to injure any and all protesters that block the road and other rights of way.

The bill that passed the Senate on Friday with overwhelming support clears drivers of any civil liability in the instance that they injure a protester who is blocking the road, as long as they are exercising 'due care.'

This is a good thing because aside from these protests being obnoxious and making us late for it can prove to be very dangerous in emergency situations. There have been multiple instances of protests blocking the road and preventing emergency vehicles to get patients to the hospital in time, as reported by CSC Media.

Another instance of was recorded of a couple who was stopped by protesters while desperately trying to get their sick baby medical care.

People that are willing to put other people's lives at risk just to whine and complain in the streets about what they think is fair or not deserve to get bumped out of the way.

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