Powerful ideas by themselves may not be sufficient to gather together the diverse members of a developing social movement protesting against corruption or injustice.

The most successful mass movements have had their Bob Dylans, Pete Seegers and Joan Baez types singing songs, strumming guitars and railing against the perceived ills of society.

Their words, set to music, have had the power to stir widely felt emotions and to bind and energize like-minded people into a collective movement like nothing else could.

"The most remarkable thing about protest music is that it helps people realize they're not alone in feeling a spirit of dissent against certain injustices, whether on a personal or more overarching governmental level," observes Kim Ruehl at ThoughtCo. "This is hugely effective in creating a sense of community, helping groups organize to affect change."

Liberals and the recording industry cornered the market on social protest music back in the 1960s. In 2017, a new type of grass-roots anti-establishment music genre is emerging in the form of the "pissed-off" conservative.

Jamie Jones considers himself one pissed-off American who's fed up with lying politicians and corruption. He's posted a song on YouTube that expresses his frustrations and those of other Trump supporters.

The song is appropriately titled " Pissed Off Rednecks Like Me":

Mr. stick-head politician
I got some news for you
If you want to come and
Try to take my gun
Well you better be bulletproof
And don’t try to tell my children
When and where to pray
We ain’t that far gone
We’re still standing on
The land of the free
And the home of the brave

"America needs you, Harry Truman," Robert Lamm wrote for the group Chicago back in 1975 amidst the social chaos of the post-Vietnam war era.

Things today are also looking bad and Jamie Jones and millions of patriotic Americans like him are feeling pretty mad.

But even at this late hour, there may still be something that can be done to save the land we love.

Do you think protest music will become an important part of MAGA?

Source: Conservative Fighters

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