In this day and age, even just breathing without first giving a trigger warning to any and all far left loonies nearby seems to set off an absolute meltdown amongst the snowflake class.

As liberals continue to try to dismantle our nation and our identities in order to carve out new 'safe spaces' for themselves, they find more and more 'issues' to complain about.

Well, not everyone is giving into these outrageous demands quite as easily as the left would hope. Many Americans who understand the core values that this country was founded on and that make this country great are standing up to liberals and saying "enough is enough."

Such is the case with Wisconson Dairy Queen Owner Kevin Scheunemann. Over 4 years ago, Scheunemann posted a little bit of a warning sign on the front door of his restaurant.

"This restaurant is politically incorrect," the sign warns. It then continues to list some of the things that patrons might expect to see inside the restaurant, such as giving free ice cream to veterans on Veterans Day, and saying "Merry Christmas."

"I felt the sign was appropriate to hang in terms of being transparent about the views of the owner and staff supporting God and country. It just seems that those kinds of values and principles are becoming controversial in society," Scheunemann told CBS 58.

You would think that if anything this would put a smile on people's face but not everyone seems to agree. One woman from Oregon, Ashley Coleman, saw the sign and was so 'triggered' that she immediately took to Facebook to complain.

Instead of having the desired effect she wanted of getting the store owner in trouble, many other Facebook users who saw this post supported the Christian store owner.

One Facebook user commented, "If owned the business I would make it bigger ... " while another said "Love the sign DQ!! We agree!!!"

One woman even called Coleman out on her "BS" by saying, "Get over it. YOU are what is wrong with America. Taking offense to a warning about possible offenses!!! At least DQ didn't bow to your stupid BS. What a low life."

Scheunemann has said that this sign has actually helped business over the past 4 years and after this little incident that has made national news you can bet he's going to be getting a whole lot more business from proud Americans who value these American principles.

Do you support this Dairy Queen owner's "politically incorrect" sign?

Source: CBS

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