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Out of all the people in our great nation that deserve respect the United States military and it's personnel are high on that list and anyone who sees fit to do anything less than give them that respect doesn't deserve a place in our country.

Unfortunately for this soldier, he did not receive that type of respect, but he made sure to set the disrespectful brat straight.

This active duty soldier, who has also served two tours in Afghanistan, was back on American soil trying to order a meal. The soldier politely asked the cashier if they had a military discount. Now for most this would seem like a very reasonable inquiry but thats not how one lady saw it.

She gawked and yelled at the soldier going as far as to call him entitled for giving up so much to this country so that she can enjoy the many freedoms of our country.

So the soldier made sure to set her straight with this awesome retort.


Nobody could have said it better than he did, and he's exactly right. Everyone in the U.S. should recognize the service and sacrifices that these men and women make so that we can live our lives in peace. These men and women deserve respect and although this one whiny liberal doesn't share this view it's comforting to know that many others do.


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Source: Mad World News


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