It’s not every day we get to witness an unabashed progressive idol melting down right before our eyes with a profanity laced rant usually reserved behind closed doors. However, there was George Clooney the Cary Grant of his generation, the sophisticated, debonair, elitist leftist, speaking to journalists at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday and going into overdrive over conservative strangest Steve Bannon.

Clooney visibly enraged said: “Steve Bannon is a failed f—ing screenwriter, and if you’ve ever read [his] screenplay, it’s unbelievable. Now, if he’d somehow managed miraculously to get that thing produced, he’d still be in Hollywood, still making movies and licking my ass to get me to do one of his stupid-ass screenplays.”

However, Clooney didn’t stop there saying "You know, they say I’m out of touch."

The “they” he was apparently referencing was perhaps all of “middle America, who views him as an intolerant and unhinged progressive loon, who financially supports radical groups and with an obsessed view of President Trump.

"You know, they say I’m out of touch. You want to call me a Hollywood liberal? Come at me," he continued. "I sold ladies shoes, I sold insurance door to door, I worked at an all-night liquor store, I cut tobacco for a living. I can change the fan belt on my car. I grew up in that world in Kentucky. I know every bit of that world, and I know my friends and what they believe."

Clooney continued: "Hollywood is being quite well represented right now in the West Wing somehow," citing Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who helped finance Wonder Woman.

Then Clooney felt somehow compelled to name other leftist loons as perhaps political contenders for the White House in 2020, such as Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, and even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (who jokingly announced presidential aspirations on Saturday Night Live earlier this year).

No doubt Clooney a third generation performer likes to play-up his down home Kentucky roots, as if he actually made the big time on his own without the help of his father Nick Clooney, journalist, anchorman, and television host, and the brother of legendary singer Rosemary Clooney.

Do you think someone within the celebrity class will run for president in 2020, or is it just more drama?

Source: Daily Wire


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