A liberal reporter recently tried to buy a rifle and show how anyone can get a rifle without any trouble whatsoever. What he wasn't expecting was the dose of reality he was about to receive. The only thing the reporter shot any holes through was his own ridiculous argument.

It seems there are a thousand videos out there of very normal people who are reporters buying a rifle and acting as if they had just discovered fire. Well this one writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg, didn't even get that far when he tried to buy a rifle from Maxon Shooter’s Supplies in Des Plaines, Illinois.

"When it came time to make the purchase, Rob, the clerk with the tattoos, handed me over to Mike, who gave his name shaking my hand, I gave mine. ‘The writer?’ he said. If I wanted to lie as part of my job, I’d have gone into public relations. ‘Yes,’ I said, explaining that I plan to buy the gun, shoot at their range, then give it to the police," wrote Steinberg.

"He suggested I sell it back to them instead and I heartily agreed," Steinberg continued. "Economical. If they would let me photograph myself with it there, the gun need never leave the store."

He was given the necessary paperwork and proceeded to fill it out.

"A reporter in Philadelphia bought an assault rifle in seven minutes; 40 percent of gun transactions in the U.S. have no background checks," Steinberg carried on. "Here, I had paperwork. A federal form asking, was I an illegal alien? No. Was I a fugitive? Again no. Had I ever been convicted on charges of domestic abuse? No. Handed over my credit card: $842.50. Another $40 for the instructor to acquaint me with the gun the next day."

Too bad for him he would never get to take even one shot.

The gun shop called Steinberg at 5:13 pm the next day that he would not be able to buy the rifle. He had not passed his background check and as a result the sale was cancelled and Steinberg's money returned to him.

When the store manager tells what they found in the background check it becomes extremely obvious as to why they did not sell Steinberg the gun.

"(It) was uncovered that Mr. Steinberg has an admitted history of alcohol abuse, and a charge for domestic battery involving his wife."

The writer then proceeded to act shocked in order to try to save face.

"Well, didn’t see that coming. Were that same standard applied to the American public, there would be a whole lot fewer guns sold, Steinberg exclaimed," which by the way is completely false. "Beside, they knew I planned to immediately sell it back to them."

Newsflash, selling the gun right back is not only completely legal and would not provide any reason to not sell the gun but wouldn't the gun owner make even a minor profit by selling a new gun and then buying it back at a reduced price?

Naturally, like all liberals who never take responsibility, this liberal believes that all gun owners have conspired against him.

"Now I’ll state what I believe the real reason is: Gun manufacturers and the stores that sell them make their money in the dark. Congress, which has so much trouble passing the most basic gun laws, passed a law making it illegal for the federal government to fund research into gun violence. Except for the week or two after massacres, the public covers its eyes."

"Would-be terrorists can buy guns. Insane people can buy guns. But reporters … that’s a different story. Gun makers avoid publicity because the truth is this: They sell tools of death to frightened people and make a fortune doing so. They shun attention because they know, if we saw clearly what is happening in our country, we’d demand change."

Or maybe it's just because you have a very unstable past, Steinberg, and probably shouldn't own a gun, but don't worry just blame the big bad gun shops.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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