Are there crimes for which it is permissible to put someone to death? For most Americans, the answer would be yes. However, due to an increasingly dense pile of liberal red tape, capital punishment in America is rapidly drifting from reality into wishful thinking.

Take, for instance, the case of Daniel Wozniak, a 31-year-old California man who is awaiting his death penalty sentence for the brutal murder and beheading of a war veteran and the veteran's friend.

Wozniak's story reads like a cheap, pulp-fiction novel. Working as a down-on-his-luck actor, Wozniak conceived of a plan to murder Sam Herr, a veteran, and steal over $60,000 from Herr's bank account.

Wozniak lured Herr and his friend Julie Kibuishi up to the attic of the theater where he worked. He then shot both of the them and beheaded Herr in what was one of the most violent crimes imaginable.

When Wozniak's case came before a jury, they deliberated for an absurdly short length of time before coming to the unanimous decision that Wozniak deserved the death penalty.

But in California, as in most other U.S. states that prescribe the death penalty, liberal bureaucracy and red tape will slow Wozniak's death for years, maybe even decades.

Many states have recently come forward with criticism about the lethal injections that are used to kill death-row inmates, saying that the injections are "inhumane." That puts a hold on the process because states are then required to find new lethal compounds that can ensure the quick death of an inmate while insuring that it is done in a "humane" fashion.

There is also a lengthy appeal process in place that automatically appeals any death row cases and forces states to spend years and thousands of dollars to fund and find lawyers for these cases.

In a word, it's ridiculous.

Why are we so worried about the humaneness of these evil, evil people who murder upstanding members of our society? How have we come so far from the strength that this nation was founded upon to be forced to cater to the wishes and whims of these lower-class citizens?

Come on America. It's time to wake up and realize that some things are wrong and they deserve a just punishment.

h/t: LA Times

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