A professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst has been selected to receive an honorary degree from the Canadian university Simon Fraser University. That's all well and good except that this professor of communications has labeled Republicans as "American terrorists."

Sut Jhally, a Kenyan-born professor of media and communications and a well-known filmmaker has been tapped to receive an honorary degree at Simon Fraser's commencement this coming October. He's in outstanding company--pop scientist Bill Nye, chemist Harry Gray, and ethnobotanist Nancy Turner will also receive degrees--but does Jhally deserve to be in their company?

In 2013 Jhally tweeted out a link to an op-ed berating the ineptitude of Congress. That's not the part that is worrisome.

In his tweet, along with the link to the article, Jhally used the caption "The New Republican Party - American Terrorists."

While this is America, and everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, comparing a prominent political party with terrorists shouldn't be something blithely tweeted out into the world. Even though Jhally has unabashedly leftist viewpoints that decry capitalism and advertising--oddly one of the things that most people associate with a college of media and communications--comparing political viewpoints with murderers is a step too far.

What Jhally's tweet represents is an unwillingness to appreciate or even endure an opposing viewpoint, something that is fast losing its presence here in America. While the viewpoint that most Republicans share may not be one that Jhally agrees with or believes in, by calling those who do believe in it terrorists, he is shutting down communication and the possibility of working together.

It's unfortunate that someone so belligerent is being honored for his work. I'm sure Jhally's films are appreciable by left-leaning persons, but his viewpoints about politics are skewed in a dangerous direction. Praising him for his works isn't helping to encourage the dialogue that America needs.

h/t The College Fix

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