If you’ve ever lived in New York City then you already know that a single “closet sized” room within a fairly nice neighborhood can rent for many, many, many thousands of dollars a month, if you’re even lucky to score one. And apartments in upscale neighborhoods can rent for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it’s not at all unusual to sell a co-op apartment for millions of dollars.

So when New York cabbie Oltimdje Ouattara thanks in part to a very liberal judge and an obscure legal loophole was able to secure an apartment in a nice neighborhood around the Chelsea area for a staggering rent of $0 dollars per month, that’s beyond insane.

What is apparent is that Mr. Ouattara did his homework and found this obscure legal loophole that enabled him to score a free room at the Chelsea Highline Hotel.

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At issue is New York’s Rent Stabilization Code, which includes a prevision, entitled Single Room Occupancy, which protects low-income tenants in single rooms from facing big rent hikes.

He had been renting a room for $48 a night at the hotel before discovering that he could apply to become a permanent tenant and have his rent 'stabilized' because under the law any building constructed before July 1st 1969 falls under the rent code

Ouattara filed an official request to be a permanent tenant at the building, which falls under the law because it was constructed before July 1, 1969, and because his apartment number was not on the city's system his monthly cost is free.

A liberal judge in the case ruled that he would have to pay $0 for life!

Source: Daily Mail

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