On the side of the road on a California highway, a couple of Trump-hater hackers with way too much time on their hands left a dirty message to motorists about Donald Trump.

In Modesto, California a couple of hacker miscreants hacked into the electronic message board on the side of the road and tried to offend Trump with a dim witted insult.

Instead of actually warning motorists about potential dangers on the road or missing children, the sign now reads "Trump is a b****!"

Instead of people calling to report it and try to fix it, some liberal motorists are taking pictures and joking about the matter.

One woman Makayla Victoria took pictures and videos of the sign and Tweeted about the sign in a joking manner.

It wasn't just Makayla that posted about the sign, another couple, Cynthia Londo and her husband spoke to Modbee.com and said they couldn't stop laughing as they drove by the hacked sign.

Yet, many motorists are completely disgusted by the vile message and vulgar language and want it taken down immediately.

Now it seems like a rather harmless childish prank carried out by a disgruntled snowflake with too much time on their hands, but we have to remember what these signs are for.

Often times there is vital information about road conditions and even amber alerts. So instead of displaying information motorists might need, this sign has become just another platform for liberals to toss out their faceless insults and then hide.

To make matters even worse, the hacker didn't stop at just changing the sign, they cut the cables to the sign, added a padlock, and stole the controller.

This is the second time the sign has been hacked this week and due to these excessive measures taken by the prankster, the public works director has said that the county will have to wait until the proper parts arrive to fix the sign.

Do you think this prankster should have to answer for this pathetic 'prank?'

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