It would seem almost inconceivable with the information just uncovered by Ohio State Auditor, David Yost, of the massive fraud within the $2.5 billion food stamp program, that anyone would be opposed to tightening up those loopholes through the establishment of a photo ID program.

And yet it seems the loony left is going bonkers at the thought of requiring photo ID’s on EBT cards to welfare recipients

The initiative began in earnest when Yost and two other Republicans began assessing the food stamp program and began to realize due to loopholes within the overall system there’s a 5% fraud rate associated with the program, part of which is also due to administrative errors. And while 5% doesn’t sound like much, keep in mind this is a $2.5 billion dollar program.

State Rep. Tim Schaffer and State Sen. Matt Huffman, announced new legislation on Wednesday to remedy the massive amount lost which by State Auditor, Yost’s estimates is in the millions of dollars, specifically due to fraud within the food stamp program, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Of course, the rabid left is opposed to any form of effective ID programs either to eliminate any potential fraud at the voting booth, or within the food stamp program.

Leading the charge in opposition is Executive Director of OH Association of Food Banks, Lisa Hamlet-Fugitt, who claims that this legislative move is unnecessary.

Moreover, she suggests that recipients will feel bullied and perhaps intimidated by actually being required to identify themselves through a photo ID, “remarkably” however there didn’t seem much concern with those tax payers paying for the massive program or the fraud attached to the program.

It’s the same mindset that propelled a billionaire businessman into the White House, to fix our dysfunctional government and those within the Beltway who forget that government's only function is to serve the people and to be mindful that elected officials have a duty, to respect the taxpayer and their interests. Fraud on any level is a crime and to willfully ignore such acts is also a crime…perhaps someone should remind, Lisa Hamlet-Fugitt of those facts.

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Source: NBC 4

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