You can always count on the mainstream media to resort to selective memory whenever the subject involves the sanctified Bill Clinton.

While Democrats cry foul at Donald Trump over the much anticipated firing of FBI Director James Comey, the media forgets (ignores?) the fact that it was Bill Clinton who set the "Terminator" precedent.

On July 19, 1993, Clinton fired FBI Director William S. Sessions, a Reagan appointee, claiming "in no uncertain terms that he can no longer lead the bureau."

Sessions came under fire amid alleged ethical breaches that included using government money to build a fence at his home and for personal trips.

Sessions refused to resign until he was fired.

"It is because I believe in the principle of an independent F.B.I. that I have refused to voluntarily resign,” Sessions wrote.

Interesting is that the ousting of Sessions occurred just one day before authorities discovered the lifeless body of White House counsel Vince Foster, whose death was immediately ruled a suicide.

More interesting is that the FBI never officially investigated. Instead, the agency relied on the findings of the Park Police.

Suspicion surrounding Foster's death and whether Bill and Hillary Clinton had anything to do with it continues to this very day.

Trump, at the urging of his attorney general and deputy AG, knew he had a problem in Comey that had to be solved eventually.

Comey proved himself an unreliable asset both to Democrats and to the Trump administration, but Democrats only made an issue of it when it was candidate Hillary Clinton who was under investigation.

Now that Comey is out, Trump officials are hoping to make a "fresh start" with an FBI director worthy of the title. Which means Democrats will have fewer opportunities to waste more time and taxpayer money on probes of bogus Russian election hacking and other liberal goose chases.

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Source: 100 Percent Fed Up

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