These three North Carolina thugs, Quinton Mceachin, Azario Frost, and Cordero Foy, take the cake for Cretan-of-the-Year.

Talk about cowards-all.

These guys decided it would be fun to pick on a busload of people. Disregarding the adage of picking on someone of their own size, these yellow-bellied low-lives set their eyes on the prize of a school bus full of children.

What kind of waste of skin do you have to be to do this?

Well, take a look at their mugs and between the three of them you can amass a collective double-digit IQ at best. Did any of you read or hear about this in the main stream media?

Of course not, and there is a reason. Can you take a wild guess as to what it is?

It’s the fact that these guys are black.

Meaning, according to the media, they can do no wrong and are somehow justified in their actions.

Mceachin, Frost, and Foy set upon the bus only after having taken aim at other vehicles on the road that day.

Each with gun in hand, they sat their picking off vehicles, and eventually decided that a school bus full of kids would be their ideal win for the day.

They managed to shoot out the radiator which of course caused the bus to come to a stop.

Law enforcement was called and they gave chase, eventually capturing the thugs.

Each are being charged with an array of crimes, not the least of which is shooting at the bus, but also includes felony hit and run, fleeing law enforcement, assault with a deadly weapon, driving while impaired and conspiracy. 

Too bad there isn’t a charge for being a low-life scum-bag murderous thug moron. Their bond charges range from 100k-250K.

Let’s hope these guys don’t have resources at their disposal that would get them out of the pokey and back onto the streets anytime soon.

Source: Mad World News


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