Liar liar, pants on fire…or so goes the ditty when someone fabricates a story or twists the truth. This is the case with that teenage nightmare at Spring Valley High School who refused to obey her teacher and the school cop, and even took a swing or two at Deputy Fields, before being physically removed from her desk.

However, in addition to the teenager playing up the incident with a twisted tale of psychological horror, her attorney, Todd Rutherford, has gotten in on the show.

Did you know that this poor hapless child is an orphan, having suffered the loss of both parents, getting shuffled about in the foster care system, and is just a mental mess after the recent interaction with Deputy Fields? Well, if you were aware of all of this and felt even a stitch of sympathy for this chick you were snookered.

Her parents are alive and well. While her dad might be MIA, her mother is among the living, as is her grandmother.

Yes, the gal is in foster care for some unknown reason (behavior, maybe?), but that is a far cry from being orphaned. Why would Mr. Rutherford perpetuate such a tale? Could it possibly have anything do with the girl’s race, him being a racist who has to portray a black person as in-the-gutter of society, and even her magically appearing after-the-fact broken arm is a lie?

Chances are, yes. Either he is a complete moron who was taken in by the girl’s lies, or he is in on the whole deal. Since he made it through law school and appears to have passed the bar, the option of moron appears to be far less likely.

This attorney is somebody to keep an eye on, because he will show up again as the race-baiting Sharpton/Holder/Jackson/Rangel/Obama/Farrakhan of the future.

Not surprisingly, the main stream media, like Pavlov’s salivating dog, just lapped it all up without doing their due diligence and investigating the incident. Sure they managed to get Deputy Fields fired, but wouldn’t you say that was their goal anyway? After all, he’s white.

A dishonest black attorney and black thug teenage girl get a pass for abhorrent behavior, and a white cop doing his job, gets a pink slip.

This is just wrong.

Source: Mad World News

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