Our extremist left-wing, liberal mainstream media, are the most racist among us. They are also two-faced, double-speak hypocrites. Proof of this is the present situation going down at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns Oregon. 

Apparently, all the militia folks are white men. Given the notorious slanted inaccuracy of the mainstream media when it comes to weaving their webs of deceit, it seems highly doubtful any “journalist” went out and did a headcount and race-roll-call, but whatever. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

America’s not-so-favorite news network, CNN had this to say, via their National Security Analyst;

“The men, heavily armed, urging other to come support their cause, and claiming somehow that, while peaceful, they will ‘defend’ themselves whatever it takes, are—by any definition—domestic terrorists” (Juliette Kayyem).

Ummm…no violence happening, Juliette. Not a peep really, other than the occasional statement.

Let’s turn the page and take a look at Dallas, Texas in 2015.

“I used to salute the f****** flag! Now I use it for a rag!”

That would be the New Black Panther Party, who happen to have ties to racist Islamist Louis Farrakhan. What did we hear from the media during that episode?

Crickets. How about the crazy violent mentally deranged BlackLivesMatter movement? Instead of crickets we got gleam-in-the-eye reporting.

It was like the liberal media enjoyed sticking it to “the man” and watching white law enforcement become targets of murderous violence.

Another thing to consider. The building in Oregon, being occupied at present, belongs to you and me. It is public property. We pay for it.

The white militia men have moved in and they are keeping it clean and intact. Let’s take a look at black thuggery movements; they loot, destroy, vandalize, defecate, and set fire to building, cars, and other personal and public property, as well as call for murder of white people.

Again, we get crickets from the main stream media.

Why? The liberal party is the party of racism, sexism, and intolerant tyranny. The liberal main stream media are cowardly pups who lap up the narrative and regurgitate it back out on America.

They would not recognize truth, patriotism, peace, and logic if it kicked them in the face.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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