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In almost every instance it would be a simple task to demonstrate the vast differences between Christianity and Islam, however secular progressives and in particular publications like the Huffington Post aren't interested in a factual history lesson on how these two philosophies differ, but rather to promote a leftist agenda as in this ridicules editorial piece called “Why a Muslim Can View Jesus As the Son of God”?

What seems apparent from the outset is that the author either knows nothing about scripture or more likely is attempting to cherry pick the Bible, the Koran and more importantly Middle Eastern history, in his attempt to soften the image of Islam and in particular that of the Profit Muhammad, by actually attempting to link the teachings of Jesus Christ’s ministry, which demonstrated through his actions love and compassion, compared to that of a war lord, who was responsible for the beheading of over 600 innocent tribal Jews within a 24-hour period.

Author Craig Considine, who has likened Muhammad to George Washington, and actually hailed the Profit Muhammad as a “universal champion of human rights” which if one knows the biography of this character, is akin to hailing Adolf Hitler because he showed compassion in how he was able to exterminate 6-million Jews using the pretext of taking a shower, rather than a bullet.

This loon goes on to claim that “Christianity has a concept of Jihad just like Islam’s.” The absurdity of that remark actually speaks for itself, in that the last time I looked almost 70% of all terrorist acts were committed in the name of Islam.

However what is truly problematic is that the Huffington Post actually publishes this factually deceitful propaganda piece, with the hope of influencing young people who don’t do their due-diligence or reference history.

Huff Post should stick to reporting on the Bruce Jenner and the Kardashians.

Do you think They owe Christians and apology?

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