It seems that the more things change, the more they remain the same when it comes to the mainstream media’s attempt to change the national discourse and in their attempt to create a false narrative. Time and again we’ve witnessed the mainstream media’s attempt to run interference for this administration, either ignoring and or “cherry picking” what narrative they wish to highlight and or create.

This time its “Islamophobia”, a term that was actually created in the early 90’s by an Islamic group called the International Institute for Islamic Thought, a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, and reintroduced in earnest after the carnage of 9/11, with the help of course of a  willing liberal media, and with the sole purpose of silencing critics, in the same way someone would use the term “raciest” in identifying someone they want to silence and of course accuse them of harboring deep seeded prejudices towards American Muslims, and to some extent it has succeeded.

However as hard as the mainstream media attempts to push this false narrative of “Islamophoba” the facts simply prove otherwise, in that the FBI data on “hate crime” immediately following the attacks of 9/11, found only 6% were the victims of any type of “hate-crime” and the total number of abuses nationwide towards Muslims has actually declined since 9/11.

Moreover, anti-Islamic “hate-crime” when compared to other religious groups is considerably less; in fact the overwhelming majority of “hate-crimes” not surprisingly is towards Jews, with over 65% of religiously motivated attacks within the United States, compared to only 11% targeting Muslims.

Obviously the progressive elite along with the liberal media count on the ambivalence, apathy and to some extent ignorance of current events among a segment of the public, in order to successfully create this false narrative of “Islamophobia, however not even the mainstream media can ignore the bloodshed and carnage taking place almost on a daily basis throughout the Middle East and in Europe, by a fanatical and radical Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS.

And remarkably with all of this chaos, carnage and bloodshed Americans have proven once again to be a generous and tolerant people, and proud of their diversity, which stands in stark contrast to those that attempt to rewrite history to further their own political agenda of conquest through Jihad


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