When you think of the word 'Hero', what comes to mind? A firefighter, a soldier, a selfless regular man or woman who puts aside their own well-being for others? In modern-day America, we tend to think of the many who lost their lives when they went into the world trade center on 9/11 to save countless lives of strangers. Sadly, in 2014, the word “Hero” has taken on a completely different meaning.

The “Abortion Care Network”, as it is called, has an award that is gives out. Yes...an award. If you have not heard of it, that is probably because it started in 2014. The contest is called “First Abortion Stigma Busting Video Competition”. Apparently, the idea is to make it more comfortable and less “stigmatizing” to get an abortion. It kind of feels like having Dr. Kevorkian give me a consultation, but that's just me.

The first of two awards went to an almost educational video called “Woman have abortions everyday”. The other award was to Emily Letts. For anyone who forgot, and I apologize for reminding you, she is the heroic female who filmed her abortion. Yes. She is in the lineage of the greats, such as the most recent Malala Yousafzai. You know, the one who refused to be told she could not have an education and was nearly murdered for it. She is a hero, Letts, not so much.

This “heroic” act made its rounds to the usual leftist cheerleaders like Jezebel and Salon. She penned an article for Cosmo as well.

When you are reading her account on Cosmopolitan website, you almost feel like she is doing something decent and good, but then you actually hear her mention what she is speaking about. Then, she begins to explain how her abortion was like giving birth...

"I remember breathing and humming through it like I was giving birth "


It is kind of as if Jeffrey Dahmer started discussing his murders like he was a Doctor saving their lives. I am not saying he might not have said that, or that she is a female Jeffrey Dahmer, but to liken ending a life to giving life is disturbing. I understand that they say a car crash is so disturbing you can't look away, but for Emily Letts, the death of her unnamed random accidental child is something she watches often and feels positive about it.

According to a Salon.com writer, who interviewed Miss Letts, “It is "F***** awesome" to treat the creation of life-like a science experiment.

"I found out I was pregnant in November. I had been working at the clinic for about a year. It was my first pregnancy, and, full disclosure, I hadn’t been using any kind of birth control, which is crazy, I know. I’m a sex educator, and I love talking about birth control."

The Salon writer went on to say how great it was that Emily Letts made this video. Letts, more or less, expounded on how this helps her relate to the people she councils. So, by Salon's and Miss Letts' rational, should I kill a family member or close friend so I can help people relate to the loss of a loved one? I wonder if she decided to take this disgustingly irresponsible story back with her when she counsels others. Isn't that like having a Math teacher who has reached the conclusion that 2+2=6? Chances are that a teacher, male or female, would not be teaching that in any school for very long.

Is she not supposed to give people advice and tell them to have safe sex? What would a session like that actually look like? So, use a condom, birth control, or heck if you like to live dangerously and want to experience giving and ending life, just screw it. Maybe she tells them "Well, all that other crap should be treated more like guidelines, than rules". No. No. Perhaps, it is mature advice with a little wink,wink at the end. It is beyond comprehension that not only Letts and her supporters celebrate her ending a life, but almost make it seem perfectly fine to just go ahead and have careless sex. Even worse, teach them it is just quite the experience, as if it were like bungee jumping or sky diving. The worst is awarding, encouraging it, and labeling it “heroic”.

At the end of the day, name calling profits us nothing. Whether you support abortion, the morning after pill, or even birth control, how is it wise to teach everyone it is no big deal? The value of life is paramount. The concept that every life matters and all life is sacred used to be a cornerstone to society, rather than an antiquated conservative racist, woman-hater phrase. Either way, to be so careless with life, gives us a glimpse of the society we live in. A hero is person who selflessly risks their life for another. Being a hero is about life, not death. If this is the future of the phrase, we should all tremble.


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