Good old San Francisco. It seems not a week goes by when the city makes headlines for some wacky act or tragedy. This time, it’s all about the transgendered among us. We all know the tales of kids in school who “identify” as members of the sex opposite their own. These are the kids who want to use girls’ bathrooms when they are equipped with male parts, and vice versa. Well, now we have prisoners who are wanting something along these lines. In an age where there is some perceived notion that gender is assigned at birth, and not by the physiological happenings within the womb of a woman, like sperm joining with egg, chromosomal “assignment,” and cell division, society can be said to have seriously gone around the bend and junior high basic science is being tossed to the gutter.

In San Francisco, the legal system will now be making allowances for inmates who identify as the opposite gender to choose which gender of prison population they would like be incarcerated in.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is leading the charge;

“I carry the perspective forward that the transgender population is marginalized in the streets of America,” and “Consider how magnified that treatment is inside prisons and jails.”

Yes, let’s consider it. While we are at it, let’s consider the crimes these gender "confused" pieces-of-human-garbage committed upon the rest of society. Mirkarimi has gone on record as saying such inmates will go through a screening process and their choice of inmate population will not be based on “genitalia alone.” Apparently, it’s “complicated.”

Are you aware that California pays for the transgender surgeries and hormonal therapies of these criminals? Presently, these freaks are isolated as means of protection, but that is not protection, rather punishment, according to Michael Silverman, Executive Director-Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (New York). Further, those that have not completed high school will be allowed to do so, and “substance abuse programs and women’s empowerment classes” will coming along shortly (Mirkarimi).

Jail is supposed to be punishment. When did it become a reward?

Whether you believe in transgenderism or not (I don’t), this is beyond the pale when it comes to providing three-hots-and-a-cot to derelicts who end up in jail. It is disgusting.


Photo; LA Weekly

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