There’s little doubt that German Chancellor Angela Markel has as been reading the tea leaves, first it was the unexpected “Brexit vote” this summer within the UK, and the Brits’ deciding to leave the EU, and then it was our historic and unprecedented presidential election in which Donald Trump captured the White House, which is perhaps leaving the German Chancellor a bit queasy, and with good reason.

In that both of these unexpected events has signaled to the hapless progressive chancellor that a nation’s “nationalism” and “sovereignty” will once again be respected and will no longer tolerate it’s leaders abusing it’s own citizens at the behest of marauding criminal refugees.

And although Markel’s unexpected announcement that Muslims wearing “full veils is not appropriate” and calling for a ban on the Burka is a dramatic turn-around, in truth Markel is a disastrous leader for the German people.

Moreover Merkel’s dramatic shift is no doubt due to her seeking re-election, and her attempt to gain favor with the German people, who view her as a weak leader, destroying Germany's “sovereignty” and threatening the well-being of average Germans in favor of a refugees policy that has endangered the people.

Merkel has even gone so far as to announce that she would not repeat last years disastrous “refugee wave” in which she allowed tens of thousands of un-vetted refugees into the country, many of whom committed crimes, assaults and even rape.

Aside from seeking re-election Merkel's new-found backbone seems have come a week after the Dutch Prime Minister overwhelmingly voted to ban the Islamic “dress code” of full-face vales in public places, such as hospitals, schools within their own country.

Moreover Trumps victory in November and his outspoken policies on illegal immigration, and building a wall, was in part the key to his victory, and no doubt  signaling to Merkel that the Obama era of open borders is coming to an erupt end come January 20th.

Do you think Merkel is just another sleazy liberal politician who's destroyed her country and is now trying to save her own neck?

Sound off in the comments below.

Source: The Sun

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