The liberal bleeding hearts are the most annoying group of people, the world over. When it comes to the Islamic refugees that are flooding all of Europe, they really take the cake.

Gang rapes, muggings, and murders just will not stop these idiot do-gooders from trying get the world to recognize the plight of these poor, downtrodden, asylum seeking terrorist wolves in sheep clothing.

Such was the case with one die-hard sympathetic woman, and her friend, who decided to go work in a refugee camp to help the children. This took place in Ellinikon Greece. What do you think happened?

Well, she was not gang raped, thank the Lord. Instead, she and her friend were set upon by the passel of jackals, the very poor and hopeless children she went there to help.

They robbed her of her belongings in very short order. A documentary film,  captured the incident;

 “A sensitive anti-racist, who was baited by the channels’ regime propaganda, went to Ellinikon to offer aid to the ‘persecuted refugee children.”

Sensitive anti-racist…Islam is not a race. It is a culture and religion that appears to be built on lies and violence.

“However, instead of starving children she met a gang of thieves, who in no time swiped whatever was in her car, her purse, her cellphone and all her belongings. The same and worse happened to her sensitive and humanitarian friend who accompanied her.”

The children are brought up in this faith and belief in taking what they want, at any price. This is what is coming to our shores. Americans will be faced with violent ingrates of all ages. Lovely.

Source: Mad World News

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