Picture this. You open your home to a Syrian refugee and you come home to your 7-year old daughter’s throat slit and her dead in a pool of her own blood.

This is not a hypothetical situation. This happened in Sweden to a host family.

For whatever reason, their 7-year old daughter was home alone, and 36-year old North African, Daniel Gebru, killed her in the family bathroom.

His punishment? In that liberal utopia, Sweden, it wasn’t much. He was charged with murder and ended up being convicted of manslaughter.

He was paranoid, according to his piece of complicit garbage attorney. He was mentally ill, had hallucinations due to the “…harsh conditions” he suffered in his “home country.”

He gets to go live in a psychiatric hospital with dispensation toward early release. The family got to bury their daughter.

This is not an isolated incident. In Germany, a farming family opened their home to 100+ Muslim “refugees.” In exchange, they were attacked and almost killed.

Unfortunately, as lock-step liberal drones, they blame themselves for letting “them down.”

This is what will come here if we do not emphatically require our government to NOT let us down.

Their one and only job is to protect this nation. That is it, and right now, they are failing to do so.

Source: Mad World News


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