Hollywood came together last night to mourn the passing of the Democratic Party, moreover, there are unsubstantiated rumors (fake news), that the “GREAT WHITE WAY” (Broadway) would go dark at the passing of the world’s oldest active party.

The death knell occurred last evening when yet another special election was lost by yet another Democratic challenger spending a record fortune with numerous endorsements from those same celebrity Hollywood loons who’ve declared war on the White House.

And no sooner did the polls close the tweets began pouring in, first to respond was actress Alyssa Milano followed closely by loony Rosie O’Donnell, who seemed still stunned by the outcome.

Milano, was perhaps the most active celebrity within the group of leftists, personally driving voters in April to polling locations and even campaigning on the ground yesterday, Election Day. However, when the final results came in, she tweeted simply; “Grouphug” and “Get in.”

Meanwhile, reality seemed to finally set in with music producer Moby a vocal Trump critic, at last, blaming the Democrats tweeting “still can’t win” even with “buffoon” Donald Trump in the White House,” and Rosie lamenting within her tweet; “DONALD TRUMP IS THE DARKNESS ITSELF.”

However, in the final analysis, Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff, was a thirty-something year old, novice, attempting to flip the 6th District in Georgia into a Democratic win.

Moreover unlike other “fire-breathing Democrats” Ossoff ran a fairly sedate campaign, seldom referencing the president, and promising if elected he would reach across the aisle, a far cry from the bruising 2016 Presidential Election that Democrats wage,  however even with this new “play nice” strategy the results were the same.

Remarkably the final outcome in yesterday’s contest almost mirrored the 2016 election, with Ossoff leading his Republican challenger Karen Handel by better than 7% in the polls, only to come up short himself by almost that same margin.

Source: Breitbart




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