The Left tends to talk a good game using all the right words like “inclusive” and “welcoming,” but sometimes has a difficult time translating the talk into ‘the walk’ when someone doesn’t look like they ‘should.’

For instance, if a Leftist group believes blue uniforms and badges are symbols of oppression, then how can a person wearing them be one of them, one of the good guys?

Like the unsolvable dilemma Black Lives Matter members find themselves in when a black police officer is involved in an altercation with a black suspect, making it impossible for an accusation of racism to be hurled at the cop, it must be frustrating to have to admit that all people are individuals and pigeon-holing them is not only unfair, but almost always… wrong.

So, although it’s not surprising, it is ironic that Officer Christine Garcia, San Diego’s first transgender police officer, was barred from the San Diego LGBT Community Center.


Because she was wearing her uniform.

Adding to the irony is that Officer Garcia not only organized the Transgender Day of Awareness event at the facility, but was part of the law enforcement detail providing security to the LGBT groups marching in remembrance of those who were victims of violence against transgendered individuals.

The problem arose when Garcia, who openly transitioned last year – foolishly failed to realize that she was going to be judged negatively by the group she not only was a part of and identified with, but who she had just protected.

When she tried to join the group at the LGBT Community Center after the march, she was not welcome.

In fact, she was told she needed to leave because her uniform might “upset” the LGBT members.

Of course, the Center’s leader issued an apology – one of those “mistakes were made, but we didn’t make them,” non-apologies calling it a “regrettable misunderstanding.”

“We do not wish to ever make any community member feel unwelcome at The Center – these officers are valued members of our community,” said Delores Jacobs, CEO of the center, in a statement.

The double-speak continued, “While we need to support those that are uncomfortable and honor their reactions to valid and understandable difficult previous experiences, we also need to explain that… our LGBTQ San Diego police liaisons are a valued part of our community.”

Instead, it was San Diego City Commissioner, Nicole Murray-Ramirez, a long time LGBTQ activist, who came right out and called the insult what it was – “an outrage.”

In fact, the LGBT community missed an opportunity.

“Any officer, be they gay or straight, should be welcomed into our community center in uniform,” said Murray-Ramriez. “They protect our community and neighborhoods and make San Diego a better place.”

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