Milo Yiannopoulos has been on his highly attended "Dangerous Faggot" tour around the country, with many of these stops being at college campuses. One of Milo's scheduled tour stops is set to be at UC Berkeley on February 1st. However, only a couple of weeks before Milo was scheduled to speak UC Berkeley administrators threw out a surprise and costly "security fee" to all the College Republicans who wish to attend the event.

This isn't the first time we've seen this 'fee' tossed out by administrators either. In fact, UC Berkeley was only following in the footsteps of many other liberal college campuses trying to silence Milo and prevent students from being able to attend his speeches.

The College Republicans didn't take this attack sitting down and are in the process of pushing back against the school and their discriminatory fees. Breitbart was able to obtain a copy of the letter that the College Republicans sent to the UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks.

"Dear Chancellor Dirks," the letter read. "On behalf of the Berkeley College Republicans ("BCR"), we write in response to the University’s arbitrary and excessive, estimated $6,370 security fee demand for the Milo Yiannopoulos event in Pauley Ballroom on February 1st. In effect, the University is restricting BCR’s constitutional rights to free expression on campus by charging fees for unsolicited security that amount to a tax on a "controversial" speaker. We are writing to request that this fee be waived in its entirety. The United States Supreme Court has held that "state colleges and universities are not enclaves immune from the sweep of the First Amendment." Healy v. James, 408 U.S. 169, 180 (1972)."

"Upon information and belief, the security fee of this amount was issued by the administration as a de facto tax on the BCR’s right to invite speakers to campus," the letter continued. "It is apparent that the $6,370-tax is specifically designed to prevent the BCR from successfully bringing Milo Yiannopoulos to the University. There can be no serious argument that a student group, like the BCR, can reasonably be expected to pay such a fee. In essence, the fee places an undue burden on the BCR’s ability to invite conservative speakers to campus, such as Mr. Yiannopoulos, and thus, is violative of the U.S. Constitution. To the best of BCR’s knowledge, the University has not imposed similar fees on other events."

"The BCR will not hesitate to seek all forms of relief available to it under the law, including injunctive relief in court, if the asserted fee is not eliminated in its entirety," read the letter in conclusion. "The BCR is confident that you will assist it in resolving this matter amicably, and to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to rectifying this matter."

As of now the College republicans have still not heard back from the administration.

This security fee becomes even more fishy when we consider the reports that before the school settled on just a fee, there was a group of professors that attempted to cancel the show by make allegations against Breitbart's senior editor that he promoted "white supremacy."

In a letter written by the professors to the administration, the professors stated that they support freedom of speech and "open debate" on their campus but feel that Milo is an exception. So they're basically saying that they are all in favor of freedom of speech as long as it's something that they don't want to hear.

This is just another pathetic attempt by liberals to try to silence the prominent voices of the right. Clearly it isn't working great for them.

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Source: Breitbart


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