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“Hollywood” and “hypocrisy” seem almost indistinguishable, when it comes to religion, in that any mention of God, Jesus Christ or even faith is met with almost universal disdain from the liberal establishment, however give them “moneymaking films like, “Son of God, Noah, Heaven is For Real”, and watch the greedy left grow eerily silent.

It’s once again within that context that the loony left should be amusingly judged and then ignored for making stupid remarks about the mention of Jesus Christ on the show “Last Man Standing”, starring Tim Allen.

The supposed “backlash” is from an episode in a recent scene in which Allen’s onscreen son-in-law, Ryan, is upset with his son, Boyd, after learning he had confessed to stealing.

Ryan’s afraid that his son’s Christian friend, Kyle, got him to confess by making him afraid of God.

Ryan tells his friend, Kyle,”I want Boyd to tell the truth because it’s the right thing to do, and not because he thinks he’s gonna be punished by an angry God.”

“I never said that,” Kyle replied. “Boyd was scared that if he told you what he did, you wouldn’t love him anymore. So I said you were like my friend Jesus, and even if I do something bad, as long as I’m honest, He still loves me.”

The hypocrisy not withstanding, it seems that the left would like it both ways, making a bundle off religion, while at the same time condemning religion…that’s “showbiz!

h/t: Q Political

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