Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has been stirring up national sentiment and been featured in the headlines of major news services for the past several weeks, is out of jail. Davis spent a total of six days in jail for refusing to issue any marriage licenses to same-sex couples, despite the Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that legalized same-sex marriage across the country.

Though Davis was released from jail by order of Judge David Bunning there is a high likelihood that she will return to jail soon, though not because of a fault on her part.

Davis has been adamant that she has deeply held religious convictions that make it impossible for her to condone the issuing of any marriage licenses with her name on them to same-sex couples. As part of her release, Judge Bunning ordered that Davis's assistants be allowed to issue marriage licenses in her name and that she not interfere. Those licenses, however, still have Davis's name affixed. It's pretty clear that she will again put a stop to issuing licenses.

Many across the country are calling for Davis to simply step down from her position as county clerk. They argue that Davis agreed to serve in a public capacity when she accepted the appointment of county clerk and say that if she won't serve, they'll find someone who will.

But that argument neglects the fact that Davis holds deep religious convictions about issuing same-sex marriage licenses. According to the Supreme Court's ruling, there should be mechanisms in place which allow her to choose not to participate in the licenses and also not to have her name affixed to them. However, despite promises by the Supreme Court that such religious convictions would be honored, Davis has, instead, been jailed.

It's clear that the Supreme Court's ruling and the liberals who are calling for her to be jailed are attempting to cover up the mistakes of the court's hasty ruling. Stand strong, Kim. The fault doesn't lie with you, but with the Supreme Court's ruling.

h/t: Eagle Rising

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