You know we’ve reached “critical mass” when a few leftist fruitcakes in New York City actually begin to wonder where will this eventually end?

No doubt the idea of actually removing that iconic statue of Christopher Columbus at Columbus Circle in the heart of Manhattan is an outrage for so many reasons, least of all the continuance of obliterating our history as a nation, which actually helps better understand the protesters themselves, who apparently view history with a preconceived dogma of which history should be allowed and which should be obliterated, thus they’ve become the unelected censors deciding what’s acceptable and what should be suppressed.

Furthermore, it seems that Christopher Columbus should no longer be considered an explorer or a great navigator but rather an “invader” as described by this protester: “He didn't discover America he invaded it.”

The demonstration captured on video Friday showing leftists carrying signs decrying the 14th-century explorer. For those not familiar with the landmark statue and Columbus Circle, it stands near one of the many entrances to Central Park; the 100-year-old statue of the Italian explorer is prominently displayed atop a traffic circle high above the streets of Manhattan.

Even radical cop hating Mayor Bill de Blasio is referencing the statue as a “symbol of hate.”

However in actuality, it isn’t the statue of Christopher Columbus, or the statue of Robert E. Lee, or the countless Confederate monuments, or the president not being specific enough in Charlottesville, Virginia.

These contrived issues are simply manifestations of a much wider problem plaguing the radical left along with progressive Democrats and the mainstream media embarked on a dangerous and provocative course, a vindictive scorched earth strategy which began on the evening of November 9th and continues today almost 11-months from that historic election against those who voted for Donald Trump, and traditional Americans, however if they’re not careful this “scorched earth strategy” might very well get out of hand.

In a surprise to nobody liberal butt kissing NYC mayor DeBlasio is considering if the city will actually remove the statue.

Do you think the attempt to remove the statue of Columbus is an attempt by the left to continue a scorched earth strategy in response to November 8th?

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