You would think that by now, with as many bullets that have been discharged from their magazine by means of shooting themselves in the foot, that our Administration’s gun would be empty and that their latest follies would be no more than dry-fire exercises in futility.

Apparently, there is one round left in the chamber, and right now our government has pointed the gun at America’s head.

“When we say, as a people, that there are certain parts of the world that are so dangerous, where wars are on-going, where people have said that they are going to secrete the enemy within the populations that come into this country, it is national suicide and insanity as I’ve been saying to allow such a thing. There is nothing compassionate about it. There is nothing American about it. There’s nothing rational about it.”

Those words were spoken by Mark Levin on Tuesday, November 17th, during his nationally syndicated radio program (The Mark Levin Show), in response to Obama’s plan to illegally move ahead with importing potential terrorists in the guise of the Syrian refugee “crisis.”

Immigration is not the President’s venue, as with most things Obama inserts himself into.

Levin points out that the powers to address immigration and refugees lie within the body of the Congress.

You know the place… the place of checks-and-balances and equal-branches-of-government that ALL OF OUR REPRESENTATIVES seem to be forgetting or at the very least are derelict in the performance of their duties in this regard.

More frightening than suicide is the murder of the American people, because that seems to be the course our Administration is taking, without remorse, as they begin to unleash the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing onto our soil.

Source: CNS News


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