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The one constant among eye-witness accounts following immediately after a tragic incident is that they change, combine that with a rabid 24/7 news cycle, of which we’re all a part of, and what was reported as fact only an hour ago has suddenly changed.

No doubt at the conclusion of this writing, the facts as I’ve reported will change. However what is assured is that whatever the facts are, in the world of Black Lives Matter and Al Sharpton those Baton Rouge police officers have already been tried and convicted of murder.

Moreover major news outlets have a predisposed leftist bias, when it comes to the issue of race, and rather the reporting the facts accurately; they tend to embellish their narrative with progressive innuendo, that completely compromises those facts, and which gives guys like Sharpton a platform to spin further those facts further into a race baiting frenzy.

What is known is that police were involved in a shootout in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tuesday morning with an individual named Alton Sterling, 37, at around 12:35 a.m., at the Triple S Food Mart at 2112 N. Foster Drive.

The two police officers responded to an anonymous caller, stating that an individual in a red shirt selling CD’s pointed a gun at an individual and ordered that individual to “leave the property.”

When police arrived on the scene a fight ensued between the two police officers and the individual in the red shirt, a video clip captured on a cell phone shows the moment the police officer struggling with the individual on the ground, when suddenly one police officer shouts to his partner “He’s got a gun! Gun,” and immediately the other officer draws his weapon still struggling with the individual, and fires at least one round at point-blank range, into a man’s chest.

The video while extremely graphic does not show the individuals hands, and for some unexplained reason the video suddenly moves away from the struggle at the precise moment when the weapon is discharged.

However as stated whatever the final outcome to this tragic incident, the race baiters are out in force already demanding “justice” …it would certainly be a novel approach if Sharpton would take his selective outrage to those inner cities like Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore, where law-abiding African-Americans are being murdered daily by other African-Americans.

Sharpton has been invited to Baton Rouge by BLM related pastor Shelton Dixon. Let the race-baiting begin:

Rev. Sharpton-

We are outraged by the video tape showing Alton Sterling being shot by Baton Rouge police officers while he was restrained and are calling for an immediate, fair and impartial investigation and justice for his family.

In order to achieve justice we are seeking the presence of Rev. Sharpton and National Action Network (NAN) in Baton Rouge to meet with the family of Mr. Sterling because of NAN’s long track record of assisting families who are victims of police misconduct.

There will always be emotion evoked in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy like this and when there is a life lost. We are seeking the involvement of an organization like National Action Network because we want to ensure that the fight for justice will continue even when the cameras go away.


Rev. Shelton Charles Dixon

Senior Pastor, Greater Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church

Here is what is known so far about the Alton Sterling shooting from The Advocate:

  • 37 year-old Alton Sterling was shot “by a Baton Rouge police officer Tuesday morning after “some type of altercation” with two officers, officials said.”
  • “Around 12:35 a.m., Baton Rouge police responded to the Triple S Food Mart at 2112 N. Foster Drive after an anonymous caller indicated that a man in a red shirt who was selling CDs outside the store pointed a gun at someone, telling them to leave the property.”
  • “The initial results of an autopsy performed Tuesday show Sterling died due to a homicide and suffered multiple — meaning more than two — gunshot wounds to the chest and back.
  • A 48-second cellphone video captured by a bystander — which circulated at a protest about the shooting later in the day — shows an officer firing at least one round into a man’s chest
  • “He’s got a gun! Gun,” an officer says, prompting the lawman closest to the camera to draw an object from his holster.
  • “You fucking movee, I swear to God,” says an officer, before the second officer, farther from the viewer, is seen pointing a weapon down at the man’s chest.
  • Body cameras came loose and dangled from the officers’ uniforms during the incident.
  • Friends and family of Sterling met outside the convenience store on Tuesday night to protest the shooting. At just about 6 p.m., about 40 to 50 people had gathered at the store, some carrying signs and chanting “Black lives matter” and “Hands up, don’t shoot.” The crowd swelled to more than 100 people by 7:30 p.m.

Source: Breitbart


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