How many times have we been reminded when making a critical decision, of those unintended consequences, or perhaps to be careful for what you wish for! And in Jennifer Cramblett’s case, anything that can go wrong usually does!

Cramblett is a lesbian who wanted a child with blond hair and blue eyes, and so she contracted a sperm bank, that would provide that request, however what she received instead wasn’t a baby with blond hair and blue eyes, but obviously of mixed race child, from an African-American male donor.

Jennifer Cramblett and her lesbian partner

The glaring error only came to light 9 months later when she gave birth to a beautiful mixed-race girl. Apparently the sperm bank screwed up and used the wrong donor, and although Cramblett filed suit for “Wrongful birth.” The judge ruled however, that Cramblett could not claim wrongful birth since the child was born healthy.

And to make matters even more complicated Cramblett stated in her suit that she and her partner live  in a small town in Ohio  and that she was taught prejudicial attitudes toward minorities and this resulted in her “limited cultural competency” with blacks.

Obviously this is a painful lesson to learn, in that deciding to use a sperm bank from an unknown donor is always a risky business, however it’s somewhat astounding that Cranblett and her partner would actually discriminate against someone of a different race, when one considers her own lifestyle.

The healthy child that Cramblett said she couldn't raise due to 'taught prejudicial attitudes'

If anything she should understand perhaps better than most how destructive a force intolerance can be…perhaps another lesson learned.

h/t: Mad World News

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